Seventh Generation


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Download the new single fresh off of the upcoming album release "Wake The Lion" 2013 produced by Gaudi.


When this urban situation would love to see you die
Remember roots bust through concrete everytime
Red, gold, green, blue kachina stars align
Timekeepers of the earth on the rise....aho!
'Nuff a good people livin' wicked in this time
They tell ya this and that and this but never look you in the eye
The seer burns clear all the fear in this life
Let your heart remind your mouth and your mind.

Never let them fool ya
We're coming from one ancient tribe
Peacekeeper DNA design
Neva let dem fool ya
Can't break the ties that bind
Truthspeaker warrior bloodline
Never let them fool ya
We're coming from one ancient tribe
Peacekeeper DNA design
Neva let dem fool ya
Can't break the ties that bind
So rise up, The 7th Generation

When ya system want fi' see you get chop down,
Just remember don't surrender, overcome we just grow strong
These roots are deep and when they cut us back we grow back stronger
We are the truth defenders
Its a push and a strain and a struggle and a fight
And if it ain't worth dying for it ain't worth a dime
We're protectors of the truth, we're purveyors of the light
Make your spiritual design re-align 


We're tribalistic magnificent intrinsic so listen, essential wisdom passed from elder to infant. 
Dont blink or youll miss it the qickness our blueprint genes holding love manifest all of our birthrights of true bliss
Live righteous, don't fight this, invite this to open your eyelids, remind us that our light is shining the brightest
Inite us with lineage from kings and queens born of the son so no one babylon can ever come fight this
Sri Ram Jai Jai Ram the mantra repeating, Sri Yantra, Rig Veda, the Baghavad Gita revealing
Yeheshua to Buddha to Allah to Krishna, Sellasie I, One God, One blood that we bleedin
the quantum mechanics and physics revisit the fact that all matter is formed as perceived by the witness
The orbit of planets cant order or plan it the plan is not planned by hu-man its organic

....and now a word from our ancestors;
Never let them fool ya! ...


released July 16, 2013



all rights reserved


INDUBIOUS Ashland, Oregon

​Rising up out out of the fertile soil of Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, the group of Intergalatic Reggae Revolutionaries known as Indubious come to spread high vibes through their earth-shattering sound. This genre-bending reggae power trio comes pumping a positive message, and wielding impressive instrumental skill. ... more


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